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Quantum Wealth [theory] is a social experiment designed to explore Economic Empowerment through community and collaboration.


With such an emotional topic as money and wealth, it’s essential to be in a comfortable space to learn and grow because a healthy environment for learning is vital for this mission.


The topic of money resonates differently to each person, depending on their unique experiences. Plus, with financial education tools and resources on the rise, there is a need for a specialized approach, customizable to different audience types.


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The Quantum Wealth Theory is a weekly planner designed as a 12-step method to help jump start the process of understanding your relationship with money and designing a custom road map to guide you on your journey.


Everyone’s ideal version of Wealth is uniquely different. And it will take a certain mentality to recognize these unique ideals, a Wealth Mentality.

This Wealth Mentality starts with overcoming whatever mental, emotional and societal barriers that keep you from building wealth. Through the guided missions, you will learn to recognize the other forms of wealth that you have immediate access to.

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