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A Self Study Method to....WIIFM


QWT is a series of techniches to design A money management system to help improve your relationship,...... with money and start on the path to establishing true wealth. 

A 12-step Method to:

  • Identify Your True Desires for Wealth

  • Recognize the Value of your Unique Currency

  • Design a Custom Plan to Reach Your Financial Goals


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A 12-step Method to:

  • Identify Your True Desires for Wealth

  • Recognize the Value of your Unique Currency

  • Design a Custom Plan to Reach Your Financial Goals


Financial Clarity

Set clear goals and take inventory of your current financial picture to

jump-start your journey toward economic empowerment.

Form New Habits

Writing by hand and daily repitition are two scientifically proven methods to re-wire old brain patterns to form new habits.

Custom PlAN

Every person is unique with their different backgrounds, desires and lifestyles. Design a custom plan that addresses your unique motivations and obstacles.


Pick a partner, homie, lover or friend to invite with you on this journey.

Join the Members Circle (mobile app) to connect with others and receive additional resources and support.

Quantum Wealth [theory] is a social experiment designed to explore Economic Empowerment through community and collaboration.​

With such an emotional topic as money and wealth, it’s essential to be in a comfortable space to learn and grow because a healthy environment for learning is vital for this mission.

The topic of money resonates differently to each person, depending on their unique experiences. Plus, with financial education tools and resources on the rise, there is a need for a specialized approach, customizable to different audience types.

Everyone’s ideal version of Wealth is uniquely different. And it will take a certain mentality to recognize these unique ideals, a Wealth Mentality.

This Wealth Mentality starts with overcoming whatever mental, emotional and societal barriers that keep you from building wealth. Through the guided missions, you will learn to recognize the other forms of wealth that you already have access to.

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Physical Workbook

Get 15% off when you order (2) books

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  Online Calculator  

Keep track and update your financial plan from anywhere using the custom Google Sheets calculator

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  Members App  

Engage with other community members through the Book Club or participating in the guided discussions

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Kay Black

“The Quantum Wealth Theory assisted me with cultivating a better relationship with my finances. I see money with new lenses, I look at every dollar with a purpose. The workshops have allowed for me to be more open and honest about how I budget, and also about where my habits with money stem from. From my experience, QWT unpacks first, then rebuilds more balance in our financial spectrum. I’m stoked for the planner, and whatever else is next up for QWT.”

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Amber Russell
Production Coordinator

"As someone with a 'treat yourself' mindset and the ultimate goal of financial stability, it’s come to no surprise that sometimes I feel like I’m in an endless cycle of making the same budgetary mistakes.


I like to use the QWT Weekly Planner as a guide to be intentional with my finances and actively work towards my financial goals for myself and my family for generations to come. As a young adult in my mid 20’s, I look forward to using the QWT tools to help me make smart and rewarding money decisions."


Tesia Bunton
Culinary Director

"As a millennial mom working towards home ownership, The Quantum Wealth Theory has challenged me to build a healthy relationship with my finances. Budgeting and money management can be overwhelming and intimidating, but with QWT I was able to shift my mindset by taking smaller steps to build a more realistic budget plan.


Whether a home owner, single parent, entrepreneur or all three I know financial success is possible for my daughter and I. QWT helped me to realize that and I'm working everyday to attain and sustain it. Definitely a game changer for me."

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